Press conference. EUROHA CUP-2019

The questions from the press conference

1. Ice Rinks for all with Russia participation
2. EUROHA CUP-2019 Sochi
3. EUROHA future
4. International seminar of Sochi «Hockey for all life»

Hockey — ambassador of peace and friendship in the world!

EUROHA — European Recreational & Oldtimers Hockey Association

Press release following the press conference

Video conference participants
Alenka Hiti — Head of EU project «Ice rinks for all of programm Erasmus+»
Normunds Kupcis — President of EUROHA
Sergei Makarov — Chairman of the organizing Committee of EUROHA CUP-2019
Alexander Tretyak — Executive Director of EUROHA CUP-2019
Andrey Dmitriev — President of Sochi ice hockey Federation
Sergey Smirnov — Sports director of EUROHA CUP-2019
Vyacheslav Petrakov — Deputy Executive Director of EUROPA CUP-2019